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Maximizing ROI: Why Your Organization Needs Smart-Shelf AI Cameras for Inventory Tracking

Elevating patient care, optimizing efficiency, and maximizing return on investment are top priorities for healthcare organizations of all sizes in today’s fast-paced environment. But essential medical supplies often go missing - and cause delays in patient care.

Current Inventory Tracking Systems

Current inventory tracking systems often fall short in providing real-time data insights with enhanced accuracy. In addition, these systems often cost organizations a significant length of time and upwards to $1M to implement in just one facility.

  • RFID tags, for example, require several infrastructure needs that can consume an organization’s time and resources

  • Barcode scanners require an individual to scan the item into the system, which at a large scale can consume thousands of FTEs and result in inaccuracies if the items are missed and not scanned

Why Smart-Shelf AI Cameras?

Smart-shelf AI cameras powered by computer vision technology enable 24/7 visibility and shelf-to-shelf granularity on all shelf and bin transactions. An entirely passive solution, no manual entry required.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Anytime a motion event occurs, the camera captures an image and extracts all relevant data from the photo (item name, item quantity, manufacturer, serial number, expiration date, etc.)

  • The camera instantly transmits the real-time data to a dashboard, accessible via desktop or iOS app

  • The data and most recent image is visible via the dashboard

Maximizing ROI

Compared to existing solutions, these cameras are a more affordable solution - a low per camera monthly fee compared to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year. 

To date, they have saved organizations millions of dollars in cost reduction by reducing stock-outs, spoilage, and locating missing inventory. The smart-shelf AI cameras have also saved thousands of FTE hours spent hand-counting inventory.  

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo with one of our team members today: 

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